About Me



Hello, I am Jigar Parekh and would like to share with you about my story – Who am i ? What i have learned ? And how did i reach at this this level of my professional life ? Even if i have taken unconditional way of being a speaker, its all about my journey which made me to Stir Up A New Life ! as a speaker.

My Education

I was born in a middle class family where luxury was seen to be too far, even though my parents got me an admission in an English medium school and finally i graduated in the field of commerce from Mumbai University. Further to it i loved creativity, so i started my diploma in Multimedia Design with a part time Job in a call center.

My Professional Career

During my growth journey, i have gone through the experience from every different fields being an Animator and Post Production Artist to start my career , followed by being a brand manager to business head and now being business planner and sales coach and finally landed up being and Entrepreneur.

I love to build brands as I believe that any proper noun can be a brand and I have build a dozen of Brand through out my professional journey.

The best among my career was being a sales coach which i still continue for various organisations and also being a brand consultant. I have also been a self learner and studied about Importance of Human Psychology for Personal and Professional Life and also got in-depth knowledge on Vastu Shastra for Home and Business.

My Journey


  • I make the program / session while counselling / training more interactive with live examples for the people to relate with their own life situation which creates faster learning.
  • I have very less theory in our training programs which makes the people more active while listening and debating during discussions.
  • I allow the people to express their views on each points / topics on which there is a discussion or training going on.
  • I understand each person in depth and their attitude towards personal and professional life which makes us more comfortable to groom them as required.
  • I also use psychological tricks to make the people realize their mistakes and also understand their own potential while they work.