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During my growth journey of 18 Years, i have gone through the experience across India & UAE, from every different fields being into IT as Designer to start my career with technical knowledge, followed by being a business head for brand development and a successful trainer.

I love to build brands as I believe that any proper noun can be a brand and I have build a dozen of Brand through out my professional journey.

But the best among my career was being a coach & mentor for my teams through which i felt that i could start training and counseling more people for transforming them to Stir up a new life ! 

After getting the detailed study on Human Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Vastu Shastra, its been more than 5 years that i have started practicing through my workshops for corporates and also personl counseling and consultation.

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Life Changing WORKSHOP 

We are offering a Workshop for Students or Professionals as a knowledge workshop to improve their performance and motivate them for personal and professional life.


Launching the First Book as an Author

“INSTANT SUCCESS”  is a first title to be published as a NON FICTION paper back book describing the Psychology for Success in daily life. 
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Program & Workshops

We design our workshops and programs with more of practical training with live interactions rather than theory, which makes the people to understand and learn faster.

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Personal Counselling

Our personal counselling services are available for different age group of people depending as per their needs. Counselling service shall be a detailed 1 to 1 discussions. 

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We provide various consultancy services for brand building / business development / design / Fund Management and many more such topics to companies and individuals.

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Our top 3 Programs

Psychology for Success

Here is the Secret of Success described through Human Psychology. Human’s are blessed with Brain as compared with other living beings on this planet. There are lot of studies related to human psychology published till date across the globe, but out of which there are few easy tips and tricks which one can remember and also adopt in their day to day life for getting success in their professional and personal life.

Psychology for Life

We have tried to design a FREE workshop on Basics of Human Psychology for all age group of people starting from (21 Years), which shall help them to build a sucessfull career and also lead to a healthy personal life. 

Psychology for Sales

This motivational training program is designed for developing your professional skills and identify own potential through which you can improve your performance to Stir up a New Life !

Psychology for Couples

Personal Counselling services for Married Couples or Pre Marital Counselling is a discussion with a psychological approach for having a better welbeing and to build a healthy relationship among the family. 


Enjoy the best
healing for your concerns
through our Hypnotherapy counseling session

Hyphotherapy is a proved technique in today’s world for healing your various issues like depression, anxiety & stress. This is the most advanced tool to heal your issue without medication.    


Psychology Counseling

Psychology is a science of human soul and mind. But most contemporary psychologists considered psychology as the science of behavior of organisms. This includes human behavior as well as animal behavior, normal behavior and adult behavior, child behavior and adult behavior.

The study of psychology helps in identifying:
1. The abilities of an individual.
2. The needs of individual techniques to be
employed to motivate them.
3. The hereditary and environmental factors that
affect behavior.
4. The levels of achievement motivation of the
5. The factors that lead to differential perceptions.
6. The causes of emotions and frustrations in
human beings.
7. The causes of retarded learning.
8. The levels of knowledge and attitudes possessed
by individuals
9. The different psychological traits possessed by
individuals.Psychology is a science of human soul and mind.

We provide counseling for…

Counseling for Daily Life

This counseling can be availed by Students or Professionals at any organization or house wives or any age group of people starting from 18 years.

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Marital and Pre marital counseling

We have the expertise to consult the couple jointly / independently for being relaxed and sorting out the life more easily.

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Sex Therapy for Couples

Sex therapy is a type of talk therapy that’s designed to help individuals and couples address medical, psychological, personal, or interpersonal factors impacting sexual satisfaction.

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Counseling for mental relaxation

We shall consult you professionally with out any medicine to relax and rejuvenate with these stress level by giving you therapy which can control your mental stress.

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Why Jigar K Parekh ?

While Training or Counselling, it is more important to understand the human behaviour of the client and giving the best solutions accordingly which can improve their well being among personal and professional life. To interact with Jigar is not only a conversation in a class room while training or during personal counselling but its an experience to feel your inner self and also feel highly motivated for your personal and professional life. Jigar also tries to get the best out of you to make you Stir Up A New Life !. 


Any proper noun can be a “BRAND”

We also provide brand building services for start ups. Brand building is generating awareness, establishing and promoting company using strategies and tactics. In other words brand building is enhancing brand equity using advertising campaigns and promotional strategies. Branding is crucial aspect of the company because it is the visual voice of the company.

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Let’s See what people sy about Jigar K Parekh

Mr. Parekh is a detail-oriented person who watches into the insights of busines like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. I have learned a lot from Jigar to achieve goals of my professional life.

Sundar Latkan

Territory Head

Jyoti Resins and Adhesives Ltd.

Jigar was a key part of the planning team during the launch of DNA in Mumbai. He is an Ideas man and can get work done in the nick of time. He also has the best communication skills being a peoples person. 

Mihir Trivedi

West Head  –

Star Movies Cluster

Jigar is a hardcore professional & a visionary, who can turn a dream into a reality with his innovative ideas. A person you can trust , rely on his commitments & schedule. Jigar is a great Asset for any organization.

Himanshu Mehta

Project Head

IITian Pace Pvt. ltd.

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Our expert business advisory services are offered with the help of our skilled professionals while complying with the industry standards. Along with this, these services are offered to clients at economical prices for every product sourced as per their needs and within the stipulated time period. We offer not only the product sourcing for your business but also product development for your business making it more uesfull while building your brand or increasing your ROI.





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We have a wide range of training workshops on various topics related to Self Motivation, Psychology Tips and Tricks for Success and may more.